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The Mom Lab

The Mom Lab

28 Seasons

Four weeks to a stronger version of your "strong as a mother" self. This deep dive into your core + overall body awareness will help you address injury based Diastasis Recti, see full-body results, and meet the mom bod of your dreams. Bloom’s Mom Lab is ideal for moms post 6-8 weeks postpartum who want to maximize results from head to toe.

As always, be sure to dive into our Core Foundations before starting this program — we can guarantee the best results when our Foundations are implemented correctly throughout all workouts.

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The Mom Lab
  • Pelvic Floor Lengthening Circuit

    Episode 1

    Focus on lengthening and stretching your pelvic floor with Brooke in this 20-minute circuit. This class is safe for prenatal and postnatal mamas.

    Suggested equipment: mat, light weights

    Disclaimer: You should always consult your doctor or health care professional before beginning any exercise p...