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The Bump Code

The Bump Code

21 Seasons

Three weeks of core focused work to help you adapt to your changing belly while preventing common pregnancy related injuries such as Diastasis Recti + Pelvic Floor injuries. Use your pregnancy to dive deeper into your core connection + meet your strong(her) core just in time to meet your newest addition. Ensuring the understanding + continued mastery of our core foundations are critical for desired results of this program.

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The Bump Code
  • EXPRESS Core 2

    Episode 1

    Short on time? Thinking about skipping your workout? With our express classes, you can squeeze in that muscle burning sweat session regardless of your time constraint. These classes may be small in length but that creates a burn that will last all day.

    Suggested equipment: Mat

    Disclaimer: You ...

  • BIRTHPREP 8 (Intermediate)

    Episode 2

    When your contractions show up back to back giving zero recovery in-between, we want you to be prepared and empowered. This NO REST BIRTHPREP class will keeping you moving and diving deep no matter how your birth shows up.

    Suggested equipment: Mat, set of Bloom resistance bands

    Disclaimer: Yo...