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The Ab Code

The Ab Code

12 Seasons

The Ab Code is designed to follow the Fourth trimester REHAB or for any postpartum mom who has spent time re-building her deep core and is ready for more. Move + Connect to your core The Bloom Method way over the next 14 days and emerge with a new understanding of core connection, core strength, and core stamina.

A strong core is on the horizon mama - dig deep, move with intention, and know that modifications can be your best friend.

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The Ab Code
  • CONNECT 2 (Postnatal Intermediate)

    Episode 1

    This postnatal CONNECT workout with Brooke is a great way to challenge your core safely and effectively whether you're just wanting to strengthen your mid-section or heal diastasis recti.

    Our core connect classes focus on progressing you through smart + challenging movements that target your mid...