Prenatal Series

Prenatal Series

16 Seasons

Daily coaching emails from Studio Bloom each morning with the suggested video and challenge of the day created to strengthen you during pregnancy

In the prenatal series, you will work on building the muscles to prevent diastasis recti, incontinence, and other pregnancy-related injuries. You will also learn methods and exercises that are proven to shorten pushing time during pregnancy.

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Prenatal Series
  • BloomFIT3 Madeline

    Episode 1

    Enjoy this great full body BloomFIT workout with Madeline.

    PREREQUISITE: Foundations

    In a BloomFIT class, you can expect to work your entire body. We’re all about the slow twitch muscle fibers at The Bloom Method, and that's because of their ability to challenge you in such significant ways. Fo...

  • Express5 Arm with Brooke

    Episode 2

    A quick express class focused on arms. Safe for pre and postnatal.

    We know you can be short on time and that’s why we created our Express class concept. These classes are a mixture of all of our formats. Some focus more on the core, some on the lower body, some upper and some full body. Don’t le...