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Pop Under Control

Pop Under Control

12 Seasons

Regain a sense of pelvic floor health while addressing any level of POP with this 14-day program designed to get your POP to a manageable space while progressing your body back into exercise that will support your POP. You’re strong + resilient mama and we want to help you feel better than ever, as you surpass limitations and move beyond your diagnosis.

**Please consult a doctor or PF PT prior to beginning this program to ensure their clearance for you to move your body via sustained exercise and deep core techniques.

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Pop Under Control
  • REHAB Week 4 (Circuit Only)

    Episode 1

    Practice the Week 4 Circuit of REHAB!

    Fourth Trimester REHAB is your 6-week series dedicated to rehab, re-strengthen, and re-lay your core + pelvic floor’s foundation for a stronger and safer return to exercise postpartum. This series is a great starting ground for all postpartum women new to Bl...