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Pop Under Control

Pop Under Control

12 Seasons

Regain a sense of pelvic floor health while addressing any level of POP with this 14-day program designed to get your POP to a manageable space while progressing your body back into exercise that will support your POP. You’re strong + resilient mama and we want to help you feel better than ever, as you surpass limitations and move beyond your diagnosis.

**Please consult a doctor or PF PT prior to beginning this program to ensure their clearance for you to move your body via sustained exercise and deep core techniques.

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Pop Under Control
  • Foundations 1: Diaphragmatic Breath

    Episode 1

    We'll explore diaphragmatic breathing in this foundational video. Make sure that your diaphragmatic practice extends outside of this studio for maximum results Due to the depth of each foundational technique and our desire to truly educate you versus simply showing you the "how-to," please be pre...

  • Foundations 2: Belly Pumping

    Episode 2

    We'll explore our belly pumping technique in this Core Foundations video. Make sure that you use this technique as a stepping stone from your diaphragmatic breath so that you can master the ability to connect to your inner core unit correctly both in daily life and exercise. Due to the depth of e...

  • Pelvic Floor Anatomy

    Episode 3

    Dive deep into the Pelvic Floor in this video. You will learn all about your external anatomy, boney landmarks, and of course the anatomy of the pelvic floor musculature.

  • POP Under Control Overview

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