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New Prenatal Classes

New Prenatal Classes

View all new prenatal Studio Bloom classes here.

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New Prenatal Classes
  • STRENGTH 4 (Intermediate)

    Functional strength and movement taught with medium weights and dynamic movements.

    Suggested equipment: Mat, resistance band, weights

    Disclaimer: You should always consult your doctor or health care professional before beginning any exercise program.


    Have you addressed your Core and Pelvic Floor and ready for a step up? Join Madeline for this fun CARDIOHIIT class.

    These classes were born to make you sweat! Effective cardio/hiit focused workouts that will increase your heart rate while building strength all at the same time. These workouts c...

  • PRE-CONNECT 6 (Beginner)

    Challenge your core throughout your pregnancy in this PRE-CONNECT workout with Madeline.

    PREREQUISITE: Foundations

    Our core connect classes focus on progressing you through smart + challenging movements that target your mid-section and pelvic floor. Think of these classes as a precursor to more...

  • EXPRESS Bi’s & Tri’s

    Short on time? Thinking about skipping your workout? With our express classes, you can squeeze in that muscle burning sweat session regardless of your time constraint. These classes may be small in length but that creates a burn that will last all day.

    Suggested equipment: Mat, dumbbells


  • BIRTHPREP 7 (For All)

    Join Brooke in this innovative BIRTHPREP class. We promise you'll leave feeling empowered and more prepared for your birth marathon.

    Our signature labor training class will prepare you both mentally & physically for your birth marathon. Combined with muscle fatiguing “contraction” stages, relax...