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Mama Body Love Challenge

Mama Body Love Challenge

11 Seasons

We know how busy motherhood can be, and often self-care is the furthest thing for our minds, that’s why we created this challenge with short express workouts layered on top of one another to create longer sweat sessions - if all you
have is 15 minutes, it's always better than zero. In other words, do what you can!

You will receive a daily coaching email each morning plus nutrition suggestions. Most workouts are based around videos in Studio Bloom, but it also does include some workouts that you can without being a member.

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Mama Body Love Challenge
  • Express Core 2

    Episode 1

    A quick express class focused on the core. Safe for pre and postnatal.

    We know you can be short on time and that’s why we created our Express class concept. These classes are a mixture of all of our formats. Some focus more on the core, some on the lower body, some upper and some full body. Don’...