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  • Express
    21 videos


    21 videos

    We know you can be short on time, mama, and that’s why we created our Express class concept. These classes are a mixture of all of our formats. Some focus more on the core, some on the lower body, some upper and some full body. Don’t let the timing of these classes fool you, you can expect to be ...

  • Pregnancy Recipes

    0 videos

    Your eating habits before and during pregnancy affect your
    baby’s health as much as or more than any other single factor. A baby’s body is built entirely from the nutrient reserves of its mother. During pregnancy, the raw materials for the cells, organs, tissues, and fluids that make up your dev...

  • Pelvic Floor: Lengthen & Strengthen

    2 videos

    These pelvic floor-specific classes will help you to rehab, stretch and strengthen your pelvic floor for ultimate pelvic floor health.

  • CoREHAB Diastasis Self-Check

    Refer to this video to check in with your progress if you are working on healing Diastasis Recti.

    The CoREHAB Series is safe enough to begin as early as a few days post-birth and can be continued until you have reestablished the core connection needed. Each video will progress you in a safe and...