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Training Programs

  • The Bump Code
    21 seasons

    The Bump Code

    21 seasons

    Three weeks of core focused work to help you adapt to your changing belly while preventing common pregnancy related injuries such as Diastasis Recti + Pelvic Floor injuries. Use your pregnancy to dive deeper into your core connection + meet your strong(her) core just in time to meet your newest a...

  • Sarah Jane Sandy's Movement + Nutrition

    10 seasons

    Master Nutrition Therapist Sarah Jane Sandy shares 10 days of her favorite Studio Bloom workouts (in a crunch) + her favorite daily recipes in this prenatal specific program. Sarah is expecting her first little one this year and is so thrilled to be sharing a taste of her Studio Bloom experience ...

  • The Mom Lab
    28 seasons

    The Mom Lab

    28 seasons

    Four weeks to a stronger version of your "strong as a mother" self. This deep dive into your core + overall body awareness will help you address injury based Diastasis Recti, see full-body results, and meet the mom bod of your dreams. Bloom’s Mom Lab is ideal for moms post 6-8 weeks postpartum wh...

  • Alysha Wilson's Bloom Base

    7 seasons

    Alysha Wilson’s Bloom Base is for anyone at the starting point within Studio Bloom. This programming will have you understanding + connecting to your pelvic floor and core while applying and feeling confident in using this program as a platform to “jump-start” your goals or apply to your current ...

  • The Ab Code
    12 seasons

    The Ab Code

    12 seasons

    The Ab Code is designed to follow the Fourth trimester REHAB or for any postpartum mom who has spent time re-building her deep core and is ready for more. Move + Connect to your core The Bloom Method way over the next 14 days and emerge with a new understanding of core connection, core strength, ...

  • Pop Under Control
    12 seasons

    Pop Under Control

    12 seasons

    Regain a sense of pelvic floor health while addressing any level of POP with this 14-day program designed to get your POP to a manageable space while progressing your body back into exercise that will support your POP. You’re strong + resilient mama and we want to help you feel better than ever, ...

  • Core Foundations Series

    4 seasons

    The best way to get started with Studio Bloom is to begin with our Core Foundations. These videos will help ensure you are getting the most out of The Bloom Method and all of the workouts! The Foundations videos contain loads of education and information around each aspect of the method. Make sur...

  • Prenatal Series
    21 seasons

    Prenatal Series

    21 seasons

    Weekly coaching emails with the suggested video and challenge of the day created to strengthen you during pregnancy

    In the prenatal series, you will work on building the muscles to prevent diastasis recti, incontinence, and other pregnancy-related injuries. You will also learn methods and exerci...

  • Postnatal Series
    21 seasons

    Postnatal Series

    21 seasons

    Pre-Requisite: REHAB Series

    Receive a 3-week PDF Calendar + a coaching email from Studio Bloom each morning with the suggested video and challenge of the day created to strengthen you post-birth

    Work on building the muscles to heal diastasis recti, incontinence, and other pregnancy-related inj...

  • Mama Body Love Challenge

    11 seasons

    We know how busy motherhood can be, and often self-care is the furthest thing for our minds, that’s why we created this challenge with short express workouts layered on top of one another to create longer sweat sessions - if all you have is 15 minutes, it's always better than zero. In other words...

  • Prenatal Workout Calendars

    0 videos

  • Postnatal Workout Calendars

    0 videos